Raspberry Pi – Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Pi Control. (NCC-Pi1)


Raspberry PI – Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Pi Control. (NCC-Pi1)

Course: Introduction to Raspberry Pi and Pi Control.
Course Code: NCC-PI1
Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None. (Some exposure to programming principles preferred but not essential)
Optional kit: Practical Raspberry Pi pack.KIT-PRP2
Duration: 1 days

This course is aimed at those wishing to teach Computing/Computer Science and use the Raspberry Pi Computer to develop practical problem solving and programming skills. The Pi Computers can be used to write Python programs to allow the control of external devices such as motors, LEDs and buzzers.


The course will cover:

  • The setup of the Raspberry Pi and access through a laptop computer.
  • A brief introduction to Python programming.
  • Setting up output hardware.
  • Writing control programs
  • Practice programs.

Please note: All delegates will require a fully charged laptop running a Windows operating system. Raspberry Pi Computers will be provided for the course. However If delegates wish to purchase a ‘Practical Pi Pack’ they may do so before the course.