Python Courses

Python programming Courses


Python is a well-designed, open-source and efficient programming language which is being widely adopted in UK schools

Python Programming

  1. Introduction to Python. (NCC-PP1) (1 Day)

  2. Python – Programming Principles and Introduction to variables. (NCC-PP2) (1Day)

  3. Python – Introduction To Selection. (NCC-PP3) (1 Day)

  4. Python – Introduction To Iteration. (NCC-PP4) (1 Day)

  5. Python – String manipulation. (NCC-PP5)(0.5 Day)

  6. Python – Files and Debugging in Python. (NCC-PP6) (1Day)


Intensive course

Python -(NCC-PP1-NCC-PP6) -4 Day full Python programming course. (4 Day)